Shelf Labels For Your Library

When I first started in the library, I didn’t give much thought to the shelf labels.  I did put some signage up, but I really didn’t understand how important shelf labels really were!  Think about it… how many times each day do you hear, “Where are the scary chapter books? Where are the volcano books?…

What the Dinosaurs Did at School

Back to School Books

Author: Refe and Susan Tuma

Illustrator: Refe and Susan Tuma

Summary: The dinosaurs are back again in a fun sequel to "What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night". This time, the dinosaurs are causing havoc at school! From the art room, to the library, and even to gym class, the dinosaurs are definitely up to no good! You and your child will be sure to giggle at the hilarious pictures in this book!

Poetry Anchor Charts with Elementary Kids

Poetry Anchor Charts

Back in April, during National Poetry Month, I was getting ready to start a poetry unit with my 3rd grade students, and we inadvertently created the most wonderful poetry anchor chart ever!  We like to call it our “Poet-Tree”!  Here’s what happened… I started out asking my 3rd graders, “What is Poetry?” to get some…

This Book Will Not Be Fun!

Author: Cirocco Dunlap

Illustrator: Olivier Tallec

Summary: As you begin reading, you are assured by the mouse that there will NOT be any excitement and absolutely NO FUN in this book. But with surprising twists and turns, you and your kids will be in tickles as crazier and crazier things begin to happen! This book is sure to become a family favorite!

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