Liz, Our Porch Lizard

    “We ought to make a video about that lizard.” That’s what Kurt said one spring weekend while grilling dinner on the back porch. The lizard was pretty hard to miss. It was almost 11 inches long and had been hanging out every afternoon for weeks. We knew nothing about it except it didn’t…

Bug Zoo

Author: Lisa Wheeler

Illustrator: Andy Harkness

Summary: Ben is a bug collector, and loves nothing better than to collect bugs and put them on display in jars for his very own Bug Zoo. To his dismay, no one comes to visit even after he advertises and buys even bigger bugs! In the end, Ben learns an important lesson on the best way to have a bug zoo.

Reading Wish Lists for the Year

Finding new books to read is one of my favorite things to do, and I always try to inspire my kids to feel the same way. As a librarian, I make large purchases of books 2-3 times a year, and I always make it a huge event when I receive the books. I place the…

Welcome to Lessons By Sandy!

My husband Kurt has been one of my staunchest supporters, and has encouraged me for years to start my own webpage. As someone who has always been more comfortable in the background, this was not even a thought on my radar. While I loved to create activities for my students, and would share with my…

If You Ever Want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, Don’t!

Author: Elise Parsley


Summary: Getting ready for a fun day down at the beach should be an easy thing to do, but not for Magnolia. Instead of bringing the expected things like buckets, shovels, and towels, she decides she HAS to bring her piano! Follow along as Magnolia problem-solves how to get the piano to the beach and most importantly, how to keep it clean! This book is sure to have kids laughing out loud!

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