August 2017

What the Dinosaurs Did at School

Author: Refe and Susan Tuma

Illustrator: Refe and Susan Tuma

Summary: The dinosaurs are back again in a fun sequel to "What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night". This time, the dinosaurs are causing havoc at school! From the art room, to the library, and even to gym class, the dinosaurs are definitely up to no good! You and your child will be sure to giggle at the hilarious pictures in this book!

Recommended Ages: 3 to 7 years

Themes, Skills, & Concepts: This would be a fun book to use to talk about different types of dinosaurs, bringing toys to school, and even photography and animation.

Extension Activities: Create your own crazy stories with your toy animals at home.

Barnaby Never Forgets

Author: Pierre Collet-Derby

Illustrator: Pierre Collet-Derby

Summary: Barnaby has forgotten where he put his glasses, and he’s already late for school. Follow along as Barnaby searches for his glasses. Will you spot them before he does?

Recommended Ages: 5 to 8 years

Themes, Skills, & Concepts: This would be a cute book to use to open a discussion about forgetting things and ways to help organize your life.

Did You Take the B From My _ook?

Author: Beck & Matt Stanton

Illustrator: Beck & Matt Stanton

Summary: The narrator of this book loves the letter “B”, and loves to read words that start with the letter “B”. But what happens when the “B” suddenly goes missing? Will the _ook _e as good?!

Recommended Ages: 3 to 6 years

Themes, Skills, & Concepts: This is a great book to use to start word lists …words that start with B. Then start a “letter of the week” and start adding other letters of the alphabet.

Extension Activities: Check out the collection of fun ideas to do with the letter “B” on Pinterest. Click here!

Super Manny Stands Up

Author: Kelly DiPucchio

Illustrator: Stephanie Graegin

Summary: Manny is a superhero with a cape for every occasion. He wears his blue cape when fighting fearsome sea creatures, his green cape for dueling with the forest giants, and even a yellow cape for battling with evil cloud monsters. But, when a Tall One starts bullying a small one, will Manny’s Invisible Cape help him save the day? Read to find out!

Recommended Ages: 3 to 7 years

Themes, Skills, & Concepts: This is a great book to start a discussion on bullies, and how bystanders can help someone being bullied by standing up to the bully. Perfect to use to talk about helping friends.

Extension Activities: Check out the fun book activities! Click here!

Dance is For Everyone

Author: Andrea Zuill

Illustrator: Andrea Zuill

Summary: Mrs. Iraina and her ballet class have a very unexpected visitor one day. They are all very surprised when an alligator shows up wanting to take the class. Despite the obvious worries, Mrs. Iraina decides to let the alligator join as long as she continues to keep up and NOT eat anyone! Surprisingly, the alligator does well, except for her long tail! Read to find out what happens!

Recommended Ages: 3 to 7 years

Themes, Skills, & Concepts: This would be fun to read for kids who love dance.

Extension Activities: Try out some Animal Dance Moves with this fun pattern sheet! Click here!

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