How to Track a Truck

Author: Jason Carter Eaton

Illustrator: John Rocco

Summary: If you loved “How to Train a Train”, you’re going to love Jason Carter Eaton’s newest book! Use this fun guide to find the best type of truck for your pet. Read to find how to navigate trucks natural habitats, learn how to follow the clues and tracks, and finally how to tame your truck to be your pet. This is a great book for all truck lovers!

Research Fast Facts

Learning how to research is an important skill, and one that is practiced to some degree at all grade levels.  Most kids will go through full-blown research projects at some point in the year in their classrooms.  While this is important, I also feel kids need to be given multiple opportunities to investigate topics of their…

Touch the Brightest Star

Author: Christie Matheson

Illustrator: Christie Matheson

Summary: Do you need a new bedtime story to read to your kids? If so, then this book is a definite MUST HAVE! Each page is filled with wonderful, interactive directions admist soft watercolor collages. The author magically takes the reader on a quiet and calming journey to get ready to go to sleep.

Back to School Scavenger Hunts!

How to Use Back To School Scavenger Hunts to Spice Up the Start of School! Ahh…the moment when you realize that you are going back to school really soon!  There’s nothing like the combination of excitement, stress, anxiety, and absolute happiness this thought brings!  Whether you’re a student, parent, teacher, or librarian…this time of year always brings a…


Author: Michael Hall

Illustrator: Michael Hall

Summary: I literally laughed out loud in the bookstore reading this book! It is a fantastic "behind the scenes" story of a group of crayons who are getting ready for their debut in the picture book telling of "Frankencrayon". But suddenly, the unthinkable happens! An anonymous scribble has been left on the opening page. Despite attemps by all cast members to erase the scribble, the story is cancelled. Or is it? Read this hilarious story to find out who saves the day!

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